Digital Advertising Optimization for the 2020s


Are you being smart with your ad spend? Your digital advertising spend is most effective when you optimize campaign bidding towards the desired consumer action – as far down the funnel as you can get.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Which of your landing pages convert best, and why? Digital analytics can help you determine which colors, images, CTAs, and ad copy lead to the most conversions.

Conversion Attribution

How do customers find your site, and which of those paths contribute to a sale? Attribution solutions show you how much of each sale to attribute to each of your marketing channels.

Platform Selection

Are you using the best tools for your business? With thousands of platforms, constant mergers and consolidations, and rapid changes in best practices, it’s difficult to keep up with the industry. Trust an expert who’s deployed many of them.

Trust an Expert

I’ve worked with agencies, publishers, and marketers. I’ve faced the challenges from each perspective and implemented solutions for them all. If you need a solution quickly, drop me a note.