“Hello, World!”


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“Hello, World!”


Building a web site is a heck of a lot easier than it was when I started (using Notepad) in 1998. Back then it was all hand-coded HTML. I relied on “Index dot HTML” for reference when I couldn’t remember how to build a table and search engines merely used the meta content field to index a site.

So here it is, 22 years after buying johnmorgan.com from Network Solutions for $70, I bring you my “official” consulting site. I’ve had several offers for the domain over the years, but nobody yet has offered the right price (too bad I wasn’t born “Jeffrey Bezos”).

A friend of mine told me a story about going to a party where he had a conversation with a woman and eventually the topic turned to what she did for work.

I’m a consultant,” she said.

Oh?” he asked, “What kind of consulting?

Whatd’ya got?

So, with that:

Whatd’ya got?

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John Morgan