Being John Morgan in Florida

There’s a law firm here in Florida called Morgan & Morgan. They practice mostly personal injury – you know, ambulance-chasers – and advertise like crazy. They’re on TV, buses, billboards, radio, newspaper…everywhere.

Well, the main attorney, and guy who started the company, is also named John Morgan, and he is the primary pitchman for the group of lawyers. The slogan they use in their commercials is “For the People.”

When I moved to Florida in 2014, after introducing myself many people would say “Oh, like the lawyer?” And I would say, “No, like” Since they started putting a lot of ad money behind their newer campaign, a lot of people now say “For the People,” when I introduce myself. And I say “Sure, For the People.”

In fact, I’ve got such great name recognition here in Florida, I’ve even considered running for Governor! What do you think?