Building an ecommerce site – an Amazon Affiliate adventure

Project #1, Week #1 –

I decided it’s time to leverage my advanced digital marketing skills for my own benefit. I’m going to take advantage of an Amazon Associates account I created I created 15 years ago for my first affiliate site –

The first step was to identify a fast-growing market segment where most purchases are made online. I chose personal electric mobility vehicles – electric scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, onewheels, etc. As people experience these products by renting Lime, Bird, Spin, Jump and other services, they may decide they’d rather purchase their own personal scooter, rather than renting them $6 or $7 at a time. Additionally, I’ve noticed a huge onewheel community here in Tampa Bay and I believe that will continue to grow.

Next, to find a domain. It seems like every decent .com domain has been taken. I like to use Hostwinds domain hosting service to check for available site names. After considering and researching several possible domains, I settled on, which I thought would convey the ideas of technology and mobility, while also being rather casual.

OK, now to create a logo. I’ve used Fiverr several times for logo design services. For $25, a graphic designer will create a logo or two, take feedback for a revision or two, and deliver all of the source files for your use anywhere. I selected a designer who’s minimalist design I appreciated, and he came up with a design that conveyed both electric power and wheeled motion.

Ta da! is born.

So far I’ve got a product category, a domain and a logo. In my next update, I’ll take you through my process of selecting a site platform, look and feel, and the platforms that make building an ecommerce site not as intimidating as you might think.

Until next time – Wheel On!

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