Investing Full-Time

Over the Thanksgiving holiday during the pandemic of 2020, I decided I’d have a go at investing full time. I started with a self-directed 401(k) in 1998 using a “Dogs of the Dow” strategy. Back then I’d review my portfolio once a quarter and make changes, and I did pretty well for a few years.

In 2002, I decided to hire a financial adviser to help me review stock ideas and teach me more about the markets. With him my portfolio continued to grow at a modest pace, but most of the big gains originated from my stock suggestions.

Many years later, I decided to go it alone, and took over management of my qualified and non-qualified accounts. Since then, I’ve beaten the S&P 500 considerably, only spending a few days a year actively managing.

Now that I’m a full time investor, I’m confident I’ll be able to do even better. Stay tuned!