About John Morgan

I’ve been in the ad tech business since before there was an ad tech business. I began my career as a Media Planner at the legendary Hal Riney & Partners, creator of brands like Saturn cars, Bartles & James wine coolers, and for Old Milwaukee beer, the Swedish Bikini Team. At the time, media planning and analytics software was in its infancy, and I caught the technology bug.

I left Riney to help 10-year old startup MediaPlan, Inc. MediaPlan invented software for media plan flowcharting and analytics. Over the 12 years I led technology strategy for the company, the world moved from DOS to Windows, and from floppy discs to the internet. Ultimately, I built and ran a data center consisting of more than 40 servers dedicated to storing and reporting media spend and audience delivery for clients including General Motors, Nestlé, American Express, and Coca Cola.

Fast forward 30 years, and I’ve built digital media and analytics departments for agencies and led teams of up to a dozen buyers, analysts and strategists. I’ve worked in travel, personal finance and automotive, for agencies, advertisers and publishers, on everything from branding and awareness to lead generation, across search, social, display and video.

My technology background enables me to architect solutions that increase efficiency, attribution and productivity for digital marketers. How can I help your business?